What is the SCMC?
As part of DOE’s commitment to serving as a responsible steward of tax dollars, the SCMC was created in 2006 to more effectively manage $4 billion of annual purchasing across the NNSA and DOE’s EM sites. That's demonstrated by the sites' achieving more than $525 million in savings during the last five fiscal years by using shared strategic sourcing tools and leveraging common commodities.
What is Strategic Sourcing?
Strategic sourcing is about buying in a more focused way to save money—based first on gathering requirements and market analysis to better understand genuine business needs, and then on standardized supplier management processes at a state or regional level. Aligning these practices with current marketplace practices allows the government to leverage its considerable buying power for better prices and better service. For DOE, that means prime contractors are expected to utilize best commercial practices instead of federal procurement processes and procedures.
How does SCMC achieve savings to the taxpayer?
The SCMC works with DOE contractors to combine their purchasing power to award multi-site commodity agreements for operating supplies, information technology, transportation and logistics, and services. The most visible savings have been generated through one of SCMC’s tools, eSourcing, a proposal portal. With the eSourcing tool, requirements are placed online for a reverse auction that drives down the purchase price.
Does SCMC replace the need for site purchasing functions at NNSA and DOE EM sites?
The SCMC does not replace local purchasing functions or shift procurement budgets from these sites. It is one of a number of tools for the sites to use to save money, gain efficiency, and utilize small businesses. It uses an inclusive, collaborative approach to provide essential acquisition tools and data analytics for each site to achieve greater savings as a collective organization. NNSA/DOE EM sites continue to purchase goods and services according to their own site purchasing requirements, including small business requirements.
Does SCMC choose the lowest bidder?
SCMC’s objectives extend beyond price efficiencies. The SCMC uses contracting criteria that ensures fair market competition and uses overall best value for contract awards. The SCMC follows commercial best practices in establishing competitive pools of proposers and considers the inclusion of local suppliers with strong experience and past performance based on input from each DOE/NNSA site.
How does SCMC support small businesses?
The majority of SCMC agreements (current estimated annual value) have been awarded to small businesses nationwide. The SCMC uses fair commercial practices that balance the consolidated aspects of strategic sourcing with the unique local business aspects of the Department’s prime contracts they support. The SCMC considers the unique impact DOE’s contracts have on local economies, and incorporates site-specific requirements into agreements to level the playing field for competition and performance.
How does SCMC choose the suppliers they invite to bid on opportunities?
To improve the quality of proposals and the probability of being selected for an enterprise-wide agreement, the SCMC has a competitive pool of qualified suppliers. The suppliers are chosen based on a list of desirable characteristics that includes the ability to meet site-specific requirements. The SCMC seeks qualified suppliers by conducting market research and consulting with commodity experts at each of the DOE sites. In addition, businesses can go to the SCMC website to view the desirable supplier characteristics and sign up for consideration to be part of the pool.
How can small businesses become an SCMC supplier?
Small business suppliers can utilize this website to learn more about the SCMC, self-identify as a potential supplier by identifying their capabilities in the Supplier Profile, and review the new business opportunities being evaluated by the SCMC along with the estimated timing of a potential RFP release.
Can I speak directly with a commodity manager regarding future opportunities?
Yes, however, commodity managers will generally not be able to provide additional detailed information regarding current agreements or future solicitations beyond what is provided on the website. Please feel free to contact a commodity manager for general questions about the SCMC and other sourcing matters.
Do SCMC Agreement suppliers need to be registered in any federal system?
Yes. The SCMC may only award agreements to suppliers who are registered in the federal System for Award Management (www.sam.gov). If you are not sure of your company's size and status, please research the requirements at www.sba.gov. When registering in SAM, please ensure the accuracy of your information.
How long is my contact information kept on file?
Supplier marketing information is kept in our database for an indefinite period.
How do I or the local prime contractor know my supplier information was successfully submitted through the website?
Upon your submission you receive an automated response acknowledging SCMC receipt. At this time, the information is retained within the SCMC.
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