SCMC Strategic Tools

Collaborative enterprise systems that leverage state-of-the-art analytics throughout the procurement lifecycle.


  • A secure web hosted supplier/buyer marketplace How to bid during an event
  • Easy to use bidding platform
  • Provides immediate feedback on the competitiveness of bids
  • Allows participants to update their bids based on feedback
  • Opportunity to submit multiple bids during an event
  • Sellers know where their bid stands at the completion of an event
  • Exposes suppliers to DOE, NNSA and EM contractors


    • eAuctions - Real time bidding event in which sellers receive feedback in the form of bid rank and allowing multiple bids over a short timeframe.
    • Sealed Bid by Rank - Real time bidding event in which sellers receive feedback in the form of bid rank and allows multiple bids over a longer timeframe.
    • Sealed Bid - Sellers may choose to change their bid during the course of an event but they do not receive rank feedback.


  • A secure web hosted on-line marketplace with electronic catalogs
  • Provides a Business to Business (B2B) shopping solution with consumer-like shopping experience
  • Supports enterprise-wide strategic sourcing and leveraging NNSA’s spend on common commodities

    Supports 2 types of catalogs:

    • Punch-out / supplier direct catalog
    • Excel formatted catalog (also known as a "Static" or "Local" catalog

    Best Practices for producing effective catalogs:

    • Catalog contains manufacturer's part number, name and lead time
    • Includes an item picture (or link to picture)
    • Includes robust descriptions of products or services
    • Seller's customer service contact on catalog landing page
    • Live chat available
    • Cart checkout button easily identified
    • Easily identifiable unit of measure and minimum quantities